Pearl Skies

The MJ Jones Pearl Skies collection echoes open skies, mysterious nights and golden sunsets. With hypnotic lustre in the choice of white, black or multicolour

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Captivating Lustre

Polarised in style yet equal in beauty, Pearl Skies features Akoya and Keshi pearls.

The true classic, Akoya pearls are perfectly spherical, smooth and blemish-free, promoting ultra reflection of light across the high nacre to create an incredible lustre.

The most unique type of pearls, Keshi pearls are famed for their dramatically individual contours. Organically formed of pure nacre, no internal nucleus blocks the reflection of light, creating the brightest lustre found in any pearls.

The Natural Beauty

Pearls hold a distinctly natural beauty unenhanced by humans. From the depths of the sea, MJ Jones’s pearls come to rest upon strings of 18 carat gold, untouched in their magnificence.

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Modern personality

An enduring symbol of class and power, matching sets of pearls have always made a statement. With multicoloured pieces and two polarised styles of pearls that can be layered, forming a single collection. Brought together by diamond-embellished MJ Jones monogram tags for a polished look of supreme power.

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Endless Expression

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