Eurograde Safe Ratings

The Eurograde system is a industry leading security numbering system applied to high-security safes designed specifically to provide the perfect solution for homeowners and businesses that need to safely store cash and valuables.

Safes are built to strict standards and then put through an extensive series of tests to receive a Eurograde rating of 0 through to 7, with Eurograde 7 offering the strongest resistance to attack. The higher the number, the more theft and burglary resistant the safe is, and in most cases, insurance companies will be willing to cover more cash and valuables as a result.

The Eurograde rating represents a "cash rating", which takes into account features such as the thickness of the safe walls, the amount of locks, and their respective quality.

Cash ratings also represent the value of items that can be covered by these safes. For every £1,000 worth of cash, your equiavalent in valuables is 10x that of the cash. When deciding what Eurograde rating you need, it is important to note that valuable cover is not in addition to the maximum cash rating, you need to consider a blend if you need to store both cash and valuables.

So for example, a Eurograde 3 safe, would allow for either £350,000 of valuables and nothing else, or £50,000 of cash and nothing else, or a blend of both, for example - £50,000 of cash, and £300,000 of valuables.

0 £6,000 £60,000
1 £10,000 £100,000
2 £17,500 £175,000
3 £35,000 £350,000
4 £60,000 £600,000
5 £100,000 £1,000,000


Eurograde testing measures include measuring the length of time is takes to gain partial or full entry to the safe, as well as testing the fire resistance. For the Eurograde to be valid, all safes that weigh below 1,000kg must be bolted to the ground.


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